16th May 2020

Platform upgrades 🚀(FRA01), scheduled 1 year ago

In the next 2 weeks (until the 29th of May) we will be performing exciting upgrades to the Sloppy platform 🙌.

During these upgrades your containers will be restarted more often than usual as we are moving them to brand new AMD EPYC CPU platform, which should boost your apps performance 🔥

As containers always will be restarted one by one, it should go very smooth. Although the time to restart your container will depend on the size of your container image.

Besides hardware upgrades we will also perform some additional software upgrades related to the internal networking stack. This should also improve performance and stability of the platform.

Please keep an eye on this page for any updates and if you have any questions regarding this message (or something else), please contact us through our website.